What is your favorite number

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What is your favorite number

To my mind, though, the big thing to check out is the reaction to a piece that hit Twitter over the weekend that argued indie comics shows are blatantly unfair to new creators, exploiting them to benefit big name guests.

Zub, as he frequently does, talks about the work and preparation that all aspects of a creative career require. The key part, I think was his conclusion: Spike also emphasizes the skills one must develop to pick out which shows to attend, and the importance of right-sizing both your expectations and your career growthbut more importantly she pointed out that those starting creators have resources they can call on, like the Creators 4 Creators grant, which just so happens to be accepting applications.

And, not wanting to hash things out on Twitter, Shing Yin Khor decided to cut through the noise and just do something about it: My opinion on the convention table cost issue is that we should try to create ways to make them accessible for those who need it most.

You are eligible if: You are a comics creator accepted to or intending to apply to exhibit at a show. You have exhibited at fewer than 3 conventions or zinefests. You do not have a published work with a major indie or traditional publisher anthology work is fine. It is intended for newer members of the comics community who need a bit of extra help to exhibit at conventions, zine fests or festivals.

It can be used for costs associated with travel, lodging, tabling, and creating books and merch. It should take less than 15mins to fill out if you have already been giving thought to exhibiting.

This is a small thing.

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What is your favorite number

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What is your favorite number

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