Ubbcluj business plan

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Ubbcluj business plan

UBB, Babeș-Bolyai University

The annual conference gives us the chance to reflect, to look back at the achievements of our members and forward to our exciting plans for the future.

It is an honour for both the business school and the university to host this anniversary event in the same year that Romania celebrates years since its re-unification. Cluj-Napoca, the Heart of Transylvania, is the second largest city in Romania and home to four out of best ten universities in Romania.

A city well-known for its multicultural atmosphere and one of the friendliest towards foreigners in Europe. For 25 years, NIBS has expanded ubbcluj business plan global reach and continues to welcome new members from existing and new locations.

During the conference, we will look towards the challenges facing business schools in the age of technology and globalization.

We have arranged some excellent speakers, but as always, we will also focus on the main objective of the annual conference — networking.

Plan your trip to Cluj-Napoca

We look forward to seeing you in Cluj in May Its origins date back towhich makes it the oldest institution of higher education in Romania. It was named after two prominent Transylvanian scientists: Babes-Bolyai University is the largest Romanian university approximately 45, students and 1, faculty staffsituated at the confluence of the Eastern and Western cultures.

ubbcluj business plan

As an academic public institution, its aim is to promote and sustain the development of specific cultural components within the local, regional, national and international community.

Situated in a geographical area characterized by the presence of diverse ethnic and religious groups, the University benefits from a multicultural and multilingual environment that gives its unique character, and it offers complete studies in Romanian, Hungarian, German and English.

Our programmes offer a world class education in one of the most exciting cities in Eastern Europe. We have combined the excellent teaching tradition of the biggest university in Romania with a modern business-applied approach. We have thus created one of the best Business Schools in Eastern Europe, which is internationally recognized.

Our programmes focus on enhancing the learning experience of the students by introducing new modules that have never been offered in Romania. We have introduced active teaching tools such as case studies, simulation games, consulting projects and debates which engage students in the learning process and encourage critical thinking.

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We would have not succeeded without the support of our corporate partners, which interact with our students by offering lectures, trainings, internships and work placements. Our Partners Strada Emmanuel de Martonne nr.ROMANIAN REVIEW OF REGIONAL STUDIES, Volume VIII, Number 1, TERRITORIAL DISPARITIES IN THE POPULATION DYNAMICS.

COMPARATIVE ANALYSIS BETWEEN BUCHAREST-PLOIE ŞTI CORRIDOR AND BUCHAREST-PITE ŞTI CORRIDOR FLORENTINA ION 1, PETRONELA NOV ĂCESCU 2 ABSTRACT - The present paper is a comparative analysis of territorial . innovation and the ability to plan and manage projects focusing on realistic objectives, to seize opportunities and to be aware of and observe ethical values).

Transylvania Business School is part of Babes-Bolyai University of Cluj- Napoca, a university with a long tradition that transcends Europe’s borders. Transylvania Business School was founded in , with the support of the European Union and organizational contribution of the Rector’s Office.

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