The role of personal selling

Where Personal Selling Fits The sales force is but one part of an organization's marketing effort; you should understand the role and importance of the sales force in a firm's total marketing effort.

The role of personal selling

The reason to communicate may be to get materials and service, understand business or to co-operate with each other with in an organization. For communicating well, companies have to use marketing tools they do this through the communication mix advertising, sales promotion, personal selling, public relation and direct marketing.

Each of these tools plays a significant role while communicating with consumer. Marketers have to make a wise decision while choosing communication mix to communicate and consider the changes that are happen in media.

Furthermore companies have to be proactive and consider the change in buyer behaviour. Introduction Building excellent customer relationships requires more than making a good product, pricing it effectively and making it available to target customers.

Kotler, Armstrong, Wong, Saunders, posits, companies should communicate their significance proposals to customers, and should not be left to chance what they communicate. Kotler et al, A business has to communicate not only with consumer but also with intermediaries and variety of public.

The intermediaries communicate with their consumers and publics. In the meantime, each group gives comment to each individual group. Therefore, the business has to handle multifaceted marketing communication system Kotler et al, What is communication mix? Promotion or communication mix is the combination and types of personal and non personal communication that an organization uses to influentially communicate with consumer and build good relationship with them Lamb, There are five elements of communication mix; among them advertisement, sales promotion, direct marketing and public relation are impersonal and personal selling is personal.

Element of promotion mix To communicate well, organizations often employ advertising departments to develop the advertising, sales promotion experts to plan sales encouragement programmes, direct marketing experts to widen database and network with consumers and projection and public relationships firm to expand cooperate images.

They guide their sales people to be friendly, helpful and persuasive. Kotler et al, assumes that for most of the organizations, the question is not whether to communicate or not; but is how much to spend and in what ways.

All attempts for communication should unify into a reliable and corresponding communication programs Kotler et al, According to Peter, overall role of marketing mix are: When a company have to introduce a new product in a market, marker used marketing communication mix to inform about the product in the market.

Communication mix explain how to product work, suggest new user for a product. The ad focuses on how to use rather than its technology. Communication mix build a selective demand encourage the brand by persuading consumer that it offer the best quality for money.

Kotler et al, Reminding: Communications mix maintains a customer relationship and keep consumers thinking about product. Kotler et al, Advertising: Adverting is a paid form of non personal communication about an organization, its products, services or its activities that is transmitted through mass medium to a target audience.

The characteristic of advertising are: Peter, According to Saunders, and Guinn, the role of advertisement: Advertising reach masses of geographically dispersed buyer at a low cost per exposure. Advertising alter optimistic message about product, company, supplier, size, popularly and success.

Sales promotion is an activity or a material that offers customers, personnel or reseller a direct inducement for purchasing a product. These inducements which add value or incentive for the product might be in a form of a coupon, sweepstakes, refunds or display Peter, Peter, states characteristics of sales promotion which are: Role of Sales Promotion According to Kotler et al, role of sales problems are: It offers motivation to buy in mean time.

While Donneyargue sales promotion is the risk which include brand loyal customer to stock up while not influencing other, the impact of the sales promotion may be limited to short-term, it may also hurt the brand image, etc. Avon is an example of personal selling.

Sales Promotion Methods

Characteristics of personal selling are:selling and the role of communication, information exchange, and personal interaction between buyer and seller representatives as well as salesperson relationship building behaviors.

Jun 27,  · Personal selling is a strategy that salespeople use to convince customers to purchase a product. The salesperson uses a personalized approach, . Risk Greater risk, greater need for personal selling Stages of Buying Decision In many cases the final response sought is purchase, but purchase is the result of a long process of consumer decision making.

This programme is a comprehensive programme which allows for students to learn and acquire skills and knowledge to prepare them for a career in the hospitality and tourism industry. Role of personal selling Personal selling is a process in which an individual salesperson works one-on-one with a customer to try to match a product to her needs.

The role of personal selling

This sales discipline is practiced by many companies in the retail industry and in business-to-business sales. DVLA pockets £25m in five years selling personal details of motorists DVLA pockets £25m in five years selling personal details of millions of motorists to parking.

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