The medical legal social and ethical issues involved in floridas partial birth abortion law

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The medical legal social and ethical issues involved in floridas partial birth abortion law

House of Representatives March 21, Good morning and thank you for this opportunity to testify. I have been asked to help you consider the testimony you have heard today from within a moral framework. The most important testimony concerning partial birth abortion that has been presented to you today concerns the accurate medical description of what happens during this procedure.

The infant is not directly anesthetized to prevent pain. Once so delivered, according to the writings of one prominent practitioner of this method, Dr. The scissors are then spread wide enough to insert a catheter to suction out the contents of the skull before the head is collapsed and the infant fully delivered outside of the mother.

One of the clearest and most compelling guides to the morality of any act is the physical structure of the act itself. The above description of the partial birth abortion speaks loudly of its own immorality. The partial birth procedure is nothing other than the direct killing of an innocent human being, an act deemed immoral and socially unacceptable through time and across continents.

Furthermore, a number of factors make it particularly frightening that this kind of killing could legally continue -- let alone be knowingly tolerated or even supported by some -- in a society that hopes to have any pretensions about human rights.

First, the partial birth abortion kills the most defenseless among us. By virtue of their youth, their physical weakness, their legal powerlessness, and in some cases, their physical disability, the victims of partial birth abortion deserve our most strenuous protection, not one of the most gruesome forms of death the abortion industry has to offer.

The medical legal social and ethical issues involved in floridas partial birth abortion law

Particularly in a country that prides itself on offering opportunity for the weakest among us, the partial birth abortion is a violation of everything we stand for. Second, the partial birth abortion bears a far greater resemblance to infanticide than it does even to abortion. No reasonable person can disagree, once he or she has read a description or seen an accurate drawing of the partial-birth abortion method: And there should certainly be a moral and legal consensus in our country that infanticide is a crime and that it cannot be tolerated in a civilized society.

This, the partial-birth abortion, is the slippery slope many have warned of for years. In fact, when abortion advocates attacked every other provision of the Texas abortion law in Roe v.

Wade, the one provision they did not attack was a criminal ban on the killing of a child who had begun to leave the womb. In fact, that law remains on the books in Texas today. But the pro-life community warned that it would not be long before the same arguments used to justify killng the unborn would be used to justify killing born humans.

And for a time,the Supreme Court itself slid a considerable distance down that slope, invalidating even laws requiring a physician to care for children who have survived an abortion attempt.

Noting this trend, one commentator said that the Court had begun to treat the event of birth "as somewhat like a state bordcr, which an officer of one jurisdiction may disregard if he is following a fugitive in hot pursuit.

Andrews and McMeel p. Such extremism has since been tempered by the Court in Webster and Casey -- but its spirit lives on among the leaders of the legal abortion movement and members of the abortion industry.

If partial-birth abortions remain legal, if this Congress allows them to continue, what could be next on this slippery slope? Killing children who have emerged from the womb 3 or 4 inches more? That is, children completely born, but still attached by an umbilical cord?

Killing them a few minutes after complete birth? Or maybe a few hours later, when a doctor has had the opportunity to determine if the child suffers any disabilities? All of these have already been suggested by scholarly writers who support late-term abortions.

Opponents of this bill keep asking whether enacting it would just be the first step in an effort to ban all abortions. But the real question should be whether allowing this procedure would serve as a step toward legalized infanticide?

Third, allowing the continued practice partial birth abortions will harm the common good. Legally unchecked, the practice of partial birth abortion is spreading.

James McMahon acknowledged that he was teaching other doctors to perform partial-birth abortions.

Partial-Birth Abortion in a Moral Framework

The National Abortion Federation noted in the New York Times that more doctors are recently reporting using this method. One doctor quoted said that not only has he done it and taught it for the last 1O years, but he knows doctors in other cities that do the same.

There is an old axiom that those who harm fellow human beings end up doing more harm to themselves: If doctors are allowed or even encouraged to perform partial-birth abortions -- if Americans, now exposed to them through this very legislative debate, are told that they must accept them as legal -- one of the ultimate consequences will be a futher denigration of the value of human life.

The common good will suffer. A fourth reason the partial birth procedure is a particularly heinous procedure is due to its pure physical brutality.

The very violence of each of these is an assault upon the humanity of the victim, as well as upon the humanity of every doctor and nurse who performs or witnesses it.Learn legal ethical 2 chapter 1 with free interactive flashcards. Choose from different sets of legal ethical 2 chapter 1 flashcards on Quizlet.

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Partial Birth Abortion Partial Birth Abortion The Medical, Legal, Social, and Ethical Issues involved in Floridas partial-birth abortion law Damien Dominicis Anthropology Partial-birth abortion also known, as D & E for dilation and extraction was first used and developed by Dr.

James McMahon, who performed the procedure well into the last. During my senior year at Santa Clara, I led discussions on medical ethics with students interested in medicine.

The purpose of these discussions was two-fold. First, they were created to help bring current ethical issues onto our campus.

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