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The Greatest Good for the Greatest NumberDecember 22, Introduction You have probably heard a politician say he or she passed a piece of legislation because it did the greatest good for the greatest number of citizens. Perhaps you have heard someone justify their actions because it was for the greater good.

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In this article, we are going to talk about the philosophy behind such actions. The philosophy is known as utilitarianism. Although it is a long word, it is in common usage every day.

It is the belief that the sole standard of morality is determined by its usefulness. This means that this ethical system determines morality by the end result.

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Whereas Christian ethics are based on rules, utilitarianism is based on results. Utilitarianism began with the philosophies of Jeremy Bentham and John Stuart Mill Jeremy Bentham developed his ethical system around the idea of pleasure. He built it on ancient hedonism which pursued physical pleasure and avoided physical pain.

According to Bentham, the most moral acts are those which maximize pleasure and minimize pain. Mill used the same utilitarian calculus but instead focused on maximizing the general happiness by calculating the greatest good for the greatest number.

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While Bentham used the calculus in a quantitative sense, Mill used this calculus in a qualitative sense. He believed, for example, that some pleasures were of higher quality than others.

Utilitarianism has been embraced by so many simply because it seems to make a good deal of sense and seems relatively simple to apply. However, when it was first proposed, utilitarianism was a radical philosophy.

It attempted to set forth a moral system apart from divine revelation and biblical morality. Utilitarianism focused on results rather than rules.

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Ultimately the focus on the results demolished the rules. In other words, utilitarianism provided for a way for people to live moral lives apart from the Bible and its prescriptions.

There was no need for an appeal to divine revelation. Reason rather than revelation was sufficient to determine morality. Founders of Utilitarianism Jeremy Bentham was a leading theorist in Anglo-American philosophy of law and one of the founders of utilitarianism. He developed this idea of a utility and a utilitarian calculus in the Introduction to the Principles of Morals and Legislation In the beginning of that work Bentham wrote: It is for them alone to point out what we ought to do, as well as to determine what we shall do.

On the one hand the standard of right and wrong, on the other the chain of causes and effects, are fastened to their throne. They govern us in all we do, in all we say, in all we think: He believed that this foundation could provide a basis for social, legal, and moral reform in society.The best that cinema has had to offer since as picked by film critics from around the world.

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Find the greatest common factor of 2 or 3 integers. While a Treasury surplus is not the greatest evil, it is a serious evil.

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