Rolfe reflective model essay

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Rolfe reflective model essay

Boyd E et al. When analysed in overview, one can note that the main issues contained in this scenario are that a schizophrenic patient, who may therefore be psychotic, who is certainly confused due to his metabolic disturbances hyponatraemia and possibly idiopathic confusion, has made an allegation of physical assault against another staff member.

The patient is also forgetful and the event happened three days ago. Clearly the incident cannot be confidently verified at this stage and there is a question as to whether the patient is reliable in making this allegation.

Analysis revolves around my reflection on the actions that I took and whether they could be considered appropriate or capable of improvement. My role in the situation was that I was the recipient of the allegation.

Having heard the allegation, I tried to make sense of it. Nicol M N et al. I therefore felt that I had a moral and professional duty to escalate the complaint to the Senior Ward Sister. After the event, I experienced a period of prolonged self-examination. Brooke C et al.

I believe that she went and spoke to Lee herself and determined that there was suffic………………………….Reflective Writing Essay INTRODUCTION The following reflective writing essay will centre on a particular event that I witnessed.

I will be using Gibbs’ model of reflection, from Gibbs, G. (). For confidentiality purposes, I will name my family member as Estelita who is a fifty five year old female. I don’t usually report on prizes for unpublished writing because you and I can’t yet buy the books, but one of my favourite soapbox topics is the issue of migrant writing, and the newly established Deborah Cass Prize is one that’s dear to my heart.

possible worlds and other essays by j. b. s.

Rolfe reflective model essay

haldane sir william dunn reader in biochemistry. in the university of cambridge. Reflective essay on a case scenario - Rolfe reflective model This reflective essay will adopt Rolfe's model of reflection, (Rolfe, G et al. ) which was derived from Borton's developmental model. About Ann Rolfe Ann Rolfe is internationally recognised as Australia's leading specialist in mentoring, and is available for speaking, training and consulting.

Reflective Essay On Nursing more self aware by using Rolfe, Freshwater & Jaspers (, cited in Usher & Holmes, , p. ) framework for reflection because personally I find that using.

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