Rice history essay

January 6, By Vikash Chamaria The Rice plant is a kind of grass, which grows best in moist soil and low lands which are flooded at particular seasons. It is grown in abundance in India, China and Japan where it is used as the chief article of food. In England it is used for preparing pudding and for thickening soap.

Rice history essay

Atchison was admitted to the Kentucky bar in Atchison, already a member of the Liberty Blues, a volunteer militia in Missouri, got Doniphan to join.

When the earlier disputes broke out into the so-called Mormon War ofAtchison was appointed a major general in the state militia [16] and took part in suppression of the violence by both sides.

In he was re-elected to the Missouri State House of Representatives. Three years later, he was appointed a circuit court judge for the six-county area of the Platte Purchase.

In he was named a county commissioner in Platte Countywhere he then lived. Senate career[ edit ] In October[11] Atchison was appointed to the U.

Senate to fill the vacancy left by the death of Lewis F. He thus became the first senator from western Missouri. When the Democrats took control of the Senate in Decemberthey chose Atchison as President pro tempore, [16] placing him third in succession for the Presidency, and also giving him the duty of presiding over the Senate when the Vice President was absent.

Rice history essay

He was then only 38 years old and had served in the Senate just two years. In Atchison stepped down as President pro tempore in favor of William R. Atchison continued as President pro tempore until December He supported the annexation of Texas and the U. Atchison and Missouri's other Senator, the venerable Thomas Hart Bentonbecame rivals and finally enemies, though both were Democrats.

Benton declared himself to be against slavery inand in Atchison allied with the Whigs to defeat Benton for re-election. Benton, intending to challenge Atchison inbegan to agitate for territorial organization of the area west of Missouri now the states of Kansas and Nebraska so it could be opened to settlement.

To counter this, Atchison proposed that the area be organized and that the section of the Missouri Compromise banning slavery there be repealed in favor of popular sovereigntyunder which the settlers in each territory would decide themselves whether slavery would be allowed.

Border Ruffians[ edit ] Both Douglas and Atchison had assumed that Nebraska would be settled by Free-State men from Iowa and Illinoisand Kansas by pro-slavery Missourians and other Southerners, thus preserving the numerical balance between free states and slave states.

Rice history essay

In Atchison helped found the town of Atchison, Kansasas a pro-slavery settlement. The town and county were named for him. Instead, most free-soilers preferred Kansas.DIRECTIONS The essay gives you an opportunity to show how effectively you can read and comprehend a passage and write an essay analyzing the passage.

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Norton I, Emperor of the United States