Paper bowls

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Paper bowls

Containers of water for rinsing brushes Sponges for drying brushes Small containers with lids for saving mixed paint colors Water-based polyurethane Non-stick surface such as wax paper for drying the bowls Note: Cover the Paper bowls area with newspaper. Tear newspaper and white paper into roughly 1- x 3-inch strips.

Paper bowls

Prepare a non-stick surface, such as wax paper, for drying the bowls. Set out the wheat paste, strips of paper, petroleum jelly with brushes, plastic wrap, and masking tape. Set out bowl-shaped forms, planning one Paper bowls each child.

Explain that the paste-soaked paper will become hard after it is dried and can then be decorated. Show the children how to prepare the form. Apply a thin coat of petroleum jelly to the outside of the form and then wrap it with plastic wrap, smoothing the wrinkles as much as possible and taping the loose ends against the inside.

Explain that white paper will be used for the first layer to create a surface that is easier to paint. Dip the white paper strips into the paste and pull the wet paper between two fingers to remove excess paste.

Lay the dampened strips on the form, following its shape carefully while overlapping and smoothing the edges. Use newspaper strips to apply at least two more layers.

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Have the children apply one layer of white paper and two layers of newspaper to the forms, smoothing the surface as much as possible before letting the forms dry. Dry the bowls upside down on a non-stick surface. Second Session Cover the work area with newspaper. Set out wheat paste, white paper strips, and scissors.

Have available, but set aside, the patterned papers so that, if the children have extra time, they can begin to plan the designs for the bowls. How to Begin In this session the children will be completing the bowls to be decorated in the next session.

Trim the lip, or top edge, of the bowl with scissors. Then use white paper strips to carefully wrap the trimmed lip and cover the outside of the bowl, making sure that all edges are smoothed before letting the bowl dry.

Have the children prepare the bowls for decorating in the next session. Dry the bowls on a non-stick surface.

Paper Bowls

If there is extra time, have the children look through the patterned papers to start planning their designs. Third Sessions Set out the dried bowls. Set out the patterned paper for cutting, scissors, and wheat paste. How to Begin In this session the children will be using cut paper to design the outside surface of the bowls.

Explain that the patterned papers can be cut and applied to the bowls by dipping them into wheat paste, using the same process as when building the bowls.

Paper bowls

Cover the complete surface on the outside of the bowls, leaving no white paper showing. Be sure that the children understand that the inside of the bowls will be painted in the next session. Have the children design the outside surface of the bowls, wiping away extra paste and smoothing the edges as much as possible.

Set out the tempera paints, brushes, containers of water, and sponges.

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Set out containers with lids for saving mixed colors. How to Begin In these two sessions, the children will be painting designs on the insides of the bowls.

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