Introduction speech for thesis presentation

Gaskins says that he thought of "PowerPoint", based on the product's goal of "empowering" individual presenters, and sent that name to the lawyers for clearance, while all the documentation was hastily revised. I said, "Bill, I think we really ought to do this;" and Bill said, "No, no, no, no, no, that's just a feature of Microsoft Word, just put it into Word.

Introduction speech for thesis presentation

I used an effective and appropriate attention-getting device. I used vocabulary that the audience could understand, or I defined unfamiliar terms. My vocabulary was strong and unambiguous. I used logical appeals where appropriate.

Logical appeals included sound factual information. I used emotional or persuasive appeals where appropriate. I used supportive details.

The information I gave was useful to others. The information and arguments were easy to follow. I stayed focused; I did not stray off my topic. I was well informed on my topic. I presented information that others didn't know. I was able to answer questions from the audience.

I used resources that addressed the topic thoroughly. I cited my resources using the appropriate format. I used material in accordance with copyright.

I used resources that reflected different perspectives. I used credible print resources. I used credible Internet resources. I used interviews with others as a resource. Prominent resources were referred to in the speech. A bibliography was available. I organized ideas in a meaningful way.

A clear thesis statement was present in the introduction. I included necessary background information. A clear introduction was present. The introduction included a statement of the main points. The audience could predict the presentation's basic structure from the introduction alone.

The body of the presentation contained support for the main points. I used helpful transitions between main points e.

I used logical connectors e. Ideas flowed logically from one point to the next.Ten tips to give a great thesis defense. Saturday, July 9, An introduction is more than just a history of your field up until now. That is, it’s more than a literature review. You need to review the current literature, but more importantly put your research into context.

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Selecting Your Topic

To obtain a customized checklist that you can print out and give to your students, first click in the boxes next to the appropriate items. To be a successful presenter, you need to know how to introduce yourself before a presentation.

Writing, designing, and rehearsing your presentation will not be sufficient if you forget to plan for a strong introduction. Introduction speech for thesis presentation?

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Introduction speech for thesis presentation
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