How to write a magazine article layout

Elegant Magazine Step 1: Start with setting the number of pages to 8, the bleed to 2 mm so we have some space for images to overlap, the margins to 10 mm for top and bottom, the inside margin to 13 mm and the outside margin to 20 mm.

How to write a magazine article layout

When the magazine asked me to do this interview, I jumped at the chance despite my busy schedule. One of the best parts of my job as a journalist involves getting to talk to interesting people, especially people I admire or whom I consider great teachers.

Eker falls into that category. I heard Eker speak about five years ago at an event. He spoke for two enthralling hours. So, it still felt like a gift. Then Eker refused the rewrite of his standard list of questions, which his PR person sent along to me and I had revised and added to to reflect the focus of the magazine.

So, I revised again and pretty much went back to his original questions. That meant I got to speak to him about his area of expertise!

In fact, interviews with well-known people posted on your blog will drive traffic to your site.

Some Basics on Magazine Writing

Magazines love these articles for the same reason; a celebrity of any type drives magazine sales, subscriptions or online views. I like to start my questions with one or two that allow the person to delve into their background a bit.

Sometimes the information garnered here ends up in the introduction. I may rewrite their bio using some unique information I have obtained in these first questions. Plus, it breaks the ice for the more serious questions to follow.

Then I create a set of questions that flow logically one after the other and allow the interviewee to make the points I am seeking. In this way, the article will flow logically from one question and answer into another.

Now comes the difficult part—at least if the interviewee was a willing participant eager to speak about his or her topic.

You have to edit and cut the transcript of the interview down to a manageable word count. For example, after my interview with Eker was transcribed, I ended up with an 8, or so word document. My article assignment was for a 2, word document including an introductory paragraph or two.

That meant a lot of cutting of really great information. You do have to go through the transcript and cut and slash. Of course, you also must edit the whole transcript.

At the time of the interview I always ask their permission to correct their grammar as well.

Two columns

You always need a lead, or introductory paragraph or two, some sort of description of the person a bio —either included in the lead or placed at the end of the article, and sometimes a conclusion. No need to do a lot of crafting of content.

The interview subject provides all of that.The person or subject of this type of article typically fits into a special niche of the magazine or has a new program or product to promote. Generally, her achievements, background, and personality are the focus of the article.

* The Magazine Article, How to Think It, Plan It, Write It by Peter Jacobi (Indiana University Press).

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Dr. Dr. Jacobi regularly teaches at Folio seminars which is where editors of the major magazines get additional training.

how to write a magazine article layout

Although the order and layout of a magazine pitch letter may vary by writer, they should all contain these crucial elements.

Get started by organizing your ideas, networking with experts and working on self-promotion. Prepare to Write Your Freelance Magazine Article. Get Writer's Relief Submission Services for Freelance Creative Writing. Aug 27,  · How to Write a Magazine Article.

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In this Article: Article Summary Sample Articles Generating Article Ideas Crafting the Article Revising the Article Community Q&A Magazine articles can be a big boost for seasoned freelance writers or writers who are trying to jump start their writing careers%(24). Article Tutorial Microsoft Word has great features which allow you to create your own magazine in just 10 the beginning your creations and designs may look poor but don't the time passes you'll get used .

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how to write a magazine article layout
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