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Marketing[ edit ] If brisk sales are anticipated, a hardcover edition of a book is typically released first, followed by a "trade" paperback edition same format as hardcover the next year. Some publishers publish paperback originals if slow hardback sales are anticipated. For very popular books these sales cycles may be extended, and followed by a mass market paperback edition typeset in a more compact size and printed on shallower,[ clarification needed ] less hardy paper.

Hard copy books vs

Computers break.

October 2, iStock Though e-book readers have become a more common sight around town, traditional books still have their evangelists. According to The New York Timese-book sales have been falling in In fact, according to some research, it may actually be a better choice for some readers.

While scientists are still trying to tease out exactly how digital reading Hard copy books vs us differently, here are five ways e-books might be inferior to their dead-tree cousins.

In a study of middle schoolersWest Chester University researchers found that students who read on iPads had lower reading comprehension than when they read traditional printed books. However, the researchers noted that some interactive features in e-books are designed to enhance comprehension, and that those might be more helpful than game-type interactive graphics.

Similar results were found by a small study by the Joan Ganz Cooney Center that consisted of 32 kids reading e-books and print books with their parents.

It found that "enhanced" e-books might be distracting.

Hard copy books vs

Kids who read enhanced e-books—ones with interactive, multimedia experiences—were more engaged with them physically, but in the end they remembered fewer narrative details than those who read print books or basic e-books [ PDF ].

Another study of adults also found that e-books can be hard to absorb. The researchers asked 25 people read a page story on a Kindle and 25 to read the story in paperback, then asked the readers to put 14 events from the story in chronological order.

Those who read the story on a Kindle performed worse on the chronology test than the book readers, though they performed about the same as print readers in other tests. Earlier research by the same scholars, from Stavanger University in Norway, found that Norwegian 10th graders also remembered more about texts if they read them in print rather than on a computer screen [ PDF ].

In some surveys of college kids, the majority of students have reported preferring print books. Staring at a lit screen can be tiring for the eyes and the brain. A study from Sweden found that reading digitally required a higher cognitive workload than reading on paper.

Furthermore, staring at LED screens at night can disrupt sleep patterns. A Harvard study found that people who used e-readers with LED screens at night slept worse and were more tired the next day.

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However, all this may not mean that reading on a Kindle is really going to melt your brain. For instance, reading an e-book on a computer is a much different experience than reading on a Kindle, which is specifically designed for consuming books.

So, too, is playing with an interactive e-book on an iPad, compared to using a simpler e-book device that only presents the text, with no opportunities to click away into digital distractions.

As generations of e-book readers evolve, and people become more accustomed to the idea of sitting down with a digital textbook, these factors could change—for better or for worse. All images via iStock.A fondness for books.

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Many book-lovers still prefer the traditional option and value the tactile sensation of a bound paper book. "Paper books are, as a rule, very well designed, they look and Founded: Sep 18, As we advance further and further into the digital world, the importance of a hard copy document wavers.

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eBooks. New ways to cut costs: As the fall season rapidly approaches students, parents, and educational institutions prepare for another academic year while publishers rush to get their books in the bookstores. Apr 27,  · A lot of the time namely on Steam the price of digital release vs hard copy release is the same, this is because of two things.

a) the publisher sets the price b) steam takes a cut of sales, which means that publisher will get less money than the box but .

Reading Hard Copies vs. Electronic Copies. Posted on February 13, What explains my preference for a hard copy of the essay?” So if I’m thumbing through a page book looking for “that one cool quote I liked,” I’ll specifically look, for instance, on the bottom quarter of the left hand page.

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