Expatriates and corporate level

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Expatriates and corporate level

Expat Wills acts as an Agent between Non-Muslim Expatriates and our network of International Lawyers located in various counties situated outside of the jurisdiction of the Emirate of Dubai. Expat Wills network of International Lawyers outside of the Emirate of Dubai conduct drafting of Wills and carry out all Will related services for the Expatriates.

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Our network of foreign lawyers located in various counties situated outside of the jurisdiction of the Emirate of Dubai can draft your Will using the law of your Domicile Home Country.

However as a result of the Personal Affairs Law No 28 ofa non- Muslim expatriate who is resident in the UAE can opt for the law of their Domicile Home Country to be applied to the distribution of your UAE assets, provided they have a legally recognized will" You have come to the right place to get your expat legal will.

Expat Wills can also help and ensure our network of foreign lawyers Wills Specialists abroad to draft your Wills at competitive rates to safeguard your property held in the UAE as well as in other locations in the World. If you have any money in a bank, savings or you own property in the UAE, making a valid Will that is professionally written and executed, will help protect your family and property, wherever it is situated in the world.

Expat Wills network of foreign lawyers based outside of the jurisdiction of Dubai do not offer just Wills but can also give helpful information on Expat issues such as sharia compliant Wills, banking and asset protection for your expat legal will. If you have assets in the UK or your own Home Country and you do not Expatriates and corporate level a valid expat legal will, there are statutory rules under the laws of the UK or your Home Country generally called "intestacy rules" that determine who inherits how much of your estate.

If you are concerned about what happens to your family and assets, you should most definitely make a expat legal Will and take professional advice on Estate Planning matters.

If you do not, you will die intestate without a Will and your assets may be disposed of in a way that does not coincide with your wishes. Dying intestate can also cause prolonged legal battles, to avoid this problem it is better to write your Wills abroad. In addition your family will be faced with the problem that your Dubai and Abu Dhabi based assets may be frozen due to Dubai Muslim Shariah Law and your bills, debts and mortgage will not die with you.

This could leave a great deal of debt unpaid until your estate is finally dealt with by the Dubai Courts based on Shariah Law. Therefore we believe engaging the professional Will writing services of Expat Wills is a very important part of your life planning and will give you and your family peace of mind that your financial affairs are in order.

If you die intestate without a legal last Will and testament in the UK your estate will probably remain tangled up in probate for up to 2 years.

However if you are an Expat resident of Dubai, dying without a legal expat Will and Last Testament is a far more serious matter. As an Expat resident in Dubai it is very important that you make a properly valid and witnessed legal expat Will and Last Testament which can protect your assets both in the UK and in Dubai.

A well thought out expat legal Will and Last Testament prepared by Expat Wills is simply good financial planning. Most people living in Dubai prefer not to think about making a legal expat Will and Last Testament or living will.

Yet have you ever considered the complications that might arise if the unthinkable happened whilst you were here in Dubai and you did not have a Will in place to protect your loved ones?

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Assets such as money in the bank and property may not automatically go to your dependents if you die whilst residing in Dubai. Your immediate family may have to wait a very long time to benefit from your UK and Dubai based assets at a time when they desperately need money to live in Dubai, for funeral expenses or just to return to the UK.

There are often disputes within the nicest of families over property and other assets, however making a Will or living Will clearly indicating your wishes to your beneficiaries, will go a long way to resolving future arguments and disputes.

Most Expats in Dubai that already have a legal Will, might not be aware that your existing home country Will or UK Will may not be valid simply due to a change in your personal circumstances. Your existing Will may need updating to a Sharia Compliant expat legal Will if: Should you marry or divorce either in Dubai or the elsewhere.

The birth or adoption of children in Dubai or elsewhere. You wish to add or change guardians for children. You have recently experienced a significant change in financial status either due to your assets in Dubai or elsewhere.

There has been a significant change in tax laws in the your Home Country or Dubai. You have a requirement to change your beneficiaries. The death or incapacity of a named Executor or Trustee. You need to change personal details such as your residential address now that you are an Expat residing in Dubai or you need to alter some personal details of someone mentioned in your Will.

In this world nothing is certain but death and taxes. Therefore British Expats living in Dubai must be aware that an individual who is domiciled in the UK is liable to IHT on chargeable property on a worldwide basis and as such must have a legal expat Will that is tax efficient and in compliance with the latest inheritance laws of the UK.

There is a separate rule regarding domicile, which applies for IHT purposes only. An individual can be deemed domiciled in the UK for IHT purposes if he or she was UK domiciled at any time in the 3 years immediately preceding the time at which the question of domicile is to be decided, or alternatively UK resident for at least 17 out of the last 20 years ending with the tax year in which a chargeable event takes place.

As estate planning experts the Wills Specialists Expat Wills do not arrange just wills, we keep an eye on global inheritance laws. Aside from the trauma to your family etc, they will then have to contend with various issues regarding your financial situation both in Dubai and back home in the UK.

Expatriates and corporate level

How Expat Wills can help you Our network of foreign lawyers based in locations outside of the jurisdiction of the Emirate of Dubai do not offer just Wills for clients living in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, being the Wills Specialists abroad, they also provide clients with professional Estate Planning advice.

Our network of foreign lawyers understand that British Expatriates and other nationalities working in Dubai and Abu Dhabi are very busy and therefore Expat Wills can meet you at our office, your home or any other place of your choice to collect your information to pass on to our foreign lawyers in other countries and pass on your instructions to our foreign lawyers abroad to ensure the distribution of your estate are written in accordance with your wishes.They end expatriate assignments with a deliberate repatriation process.

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