Drupal page title hook

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Drupal page title hook

Drupal page title hook

This neat little contraption will hold one or several materials out of the way while you tie, and can essentially be mounted on any vise. Several manufacturers have springs or clips on their program, and some vises are delivered with a clip mounted from the start, but mounting one is very easy on most vises.

Some of the ones available will fit on a variety of vises. This means that many extras are interchangeable between brands. A surprising number of manufacturers do not make their vises or accessories with the standard measure, and their gear can typically only be combined with their own products.

I have purposely tried to avoid these manufacturers in my coverage of specific products here. Bobbin cradles LAW bobbin cradle Martin Joergensen A bobbin cradle is used to hang the tying thread and bobbin in such a way that the fly can be rotated with the thread not winding itself on or off the fly.

Cradles are mostly seen on rotary vises, but can be used on the static models too, simply to get the thread out of the way. The bobbin cradle in one of the more intrusive extras you can add to your vise. The simplest ones are literally just a bent piece of steel that fits on the stem and has a small hook in the business end where you can drape the thread.

These simply swing out of the way to the rear and will require some space behind the vise. The more complex ones have clamps to attach them to the stem and maybe even a joint where they can be collapsed, making them a little less demanding when it comes to space. Since these are usually interchangeable and some are quite expensive, it might be worth looking around a bit for non-brand or third party products.

Like the bobbin cradle, the back plate mostly mounts on the vise stem, and having a standard stem will allow you to use most offerings on the market. You will find some back plates with extra features, like a black and a white side or a mirror mounted for easy inspection of the rear side of the fly while tying.

Dyna-King Profile Plate is a large square plate that comes in several colors: They are mostly bars with holes where you can leave your tools while you are not using them during tying.

Other shapes are circular and drop shaped, with either holes or slots for the tools. The sit right where you need them and can help you keep the desk a little tidier and make the tools a little easier to find.

Some models also have holes for a glue or varnish bottle or other things you need close by when tying. Futurefly Led-Lamp with Toolrack is a sturdy aluminum toolbar that comes with a lamp or is it the other way round?

It holds tool, glue and more. The price is about Euros. Flyco Daylight Lamp - Tool Rack is another lamp and tool rack combo with lots of light and lots of space, also set at Euros.I have written an event receiver that is activated on the 'ItemAdded' event of a 'Pages' list.

The code runs fine, but my issue is this - during the call to my Sub ItemAdded, I want to change the value of a field belonging to the current list item (in this case an aspx page). With continuous integration (the practice of continually integrating code into a shared code repository) and continuous deployment (the practice of building, testing, and deploying code often), developers can release software faster and more frequently.

Matt Mullenweg tweeted out a link to benjaminpohle.com this evening, a new site dedicated to tracking Gutenberg beta testing data. The site shows there are currently more than , active installations of Gutenberg, a slightly more precise number than reported on the benjaminpohle.com plugin page (K+).

The Standard installation profile creates a useful "Home" menu link, but it is hard-coded. When a user wants to edit it, the following message is displayed: This link is provided by the Standard module. The title and path cannot be edited.

This is hardly user-friendly. The only way around this is for the user to disable the Home link and create a new one instead and pointing it to.

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WPBakery Page Builder – current version available for download! WPBakery WordPress Page Builder Plugin with Fro. There's so much extra paraphernalia that you can attach to your vise that you can totally block the access to the hook if you use it all.

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