Do my homework all day

September 25, at

Do my homework all day

My classes were fine, there were no discipline issues, and despite really not having a clue about what I was doing, I had gotten to November with everyone in one piece.

But, I was wrong. We were talking about homework? We were talking about homework. This is one of those moments that I wish I could go back and relive so I could respond in an intelligent way and with confidence. I then received a good 15 minute lecture about how homework is expected, by him and the parents, and that there are so many benefits of homework.

I was told that homework teaches responsibility, helps kids practice and master whatever I am teaching, and that it shows that I take my job seriously. And, I continued to give homework for the rest of the year and for years to come.

Kids completed worksheets, assigned reading and questions, and whatever else I could think of. I was a good teacher with expectations and the now with that infamous word in education, rigor.

That went on for the first eight years or so of my career. As I grew more confident in my job, that feeling of not wanting to give homework returned. I first eased my way into this by giving less of it, maybe once or twice a week.

That went on for a good five years. Then, I finally did what I thought was right for my students; I ditched it. And, I know for certain that my students are not hurt by it. Only this time, I am more confident in my teaching and my reasoning. And, confidence is definitely needed when going against over a hundred years of school tradition.

Neither one is true; you simply are doing something that you believe is in in the best interest of kids. My first Principal, who was an intelligent man, meant well with the idea of giving homework.

As an industry, we should want to help kids beyond the curriculum and teach them those skills and traits that will help them succeed in life. Fostering responsibility and hard work is important. Having kids master skills is obviously important.

And, of course, showing them that I am serious about my job is important.Sep 06,  · Recently I just started going to a high school.I understand my parents want me to do my homework on time,but they dont need to keep nagging me about it everytime I come dont see me not turning in my homework on time now do they? reason im saying this is because ive had to deal with this since show more Recently I just started going to a high school.I understand my Status: Resolved.

do my homework all day

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do my homework all day

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