Comparing the differences between the collegiate and professional football

Kansas City[ edit ] Arrowhead Stadium serves as the venue for various intercollegiate football games. It has hosted the Big 12 Championship Game five times. Prior to it had two teams simultaneously.

Comparing the differences between the collegiate and professional football

Sports are a salutary pastime for Americans especially because they emphasize perseverance, responsibility, hard work, and other attributes of excellent character. Sports also build an approach to teamwork and produce great self-overcoming and some self-knowledge when participants run up against their limits.

Sports produce great joys as people overcome obstacles and strive for the level of excellence appropriate to them, just as they produce healthy agonies as people face defeat.

It is salutary in many respects that women enter the sporting realm in greater numbers than they did in the past so that these lessons pervade American society. And yet, when it comes to the most competitive levels of athletics, there seems to be a tension.

Nowadays most Americans insist on equality between the sexes in all things, yet this insistence becomes murky when it comes to sports: We also thirst for athletic excellence, which is more commonly found in men.

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Can equality between men and women actually exist when it comes to sports? Some scholars see male athletic excellence as a vestige of patriarchy. Why Separate is not Equal in Sportsargue that segregation in sports is based on the false assumption that women and girls are unable to compete with men and boys.

This segregation, they argue, perpetuates social inferiority. Sports in our culture actively construct and reinforce stereotypes about sex differences, they argue.

And the dozens of inspiring feminist examples of girls successfully competing in hockey, football or golf seem to show that girls can do anything that guys do. But these social trends run up against certain limits.

Research, history, and plain common sense show that men are consistently superior to women in the realm of sports. Further, the pursuit of equality has not led to a demand that WNBA players play with the same size ball as NBA players or have the same three-point line.

On the college level, these differences have caused the Department of Education and the Justice Department to get involved, as complaints about inequality in college athletics have been filed and investigated at increasing rates during the Obama administration.

Then there is the matter of viewer interest. Or does equality demand a smaller arena so that they can have the same experience of playing in a gym filled to capacity? It makes sense that there should be some relationship between revenue and facilities.

Why do we allow separation between the sexes in sports? We seem to be at the point where women, at the highest levels, receive the same quality training as men at the highest levels. We can test the Playing with the Boys assumptions with good hard data.

A controlled experiment about sex differences in athletics can be conducted in track and field. Women and men run meters and jump the high jump.Sep 06,  · This is where the differences between college football and the NFL begin.

In college, you’re competing against boys fresh out of high school who are just beginning to fill out their bodies. Actually, there is little difference between the regulation footballs for the NFL and NCAA.

Differences among Middle School, High School, College, and Professional Football

Both are the same length and width dimensions to in long circumference and to in short circumference. Both are also inflated to the same weight of to PSI. It is played between the champions of the National Football Conference (NFC) and the American Football Conference (AFC), and its winner is awarded the Vince Lombardi Trophy.

Collegiate football ranks third in overall popularity in the United States, behind baseball and pro football.

Comparing the differences between the collegiate and professional football

Differences Between Amateur and Professional Athletes. by MORGAN RUSH Sept. 11, the primary differences lies in the fact that for professionals, performance within a sport can make or break their careers. Video of the Day Requirements to Be a College Football Coach.

Comparing the differences between the collegiate and professional football

The Importance of Practicing benjaminpohle.comd: Jun 17, As Matt Wasserman points out, the only difference between college and professional football fields is the placement of the hash marks. The placement of the hash marks matters most in terms of: Amount of the field the offense has to use to the short side, and.

There are several important specific differences between the Canadian and American versions of the game of football: Playing area [ edit ] The official playing field in Canadian football is larger than the American, and similar to American fields prior to

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