Border fencing a needed necessity or a wanted necessity essay

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Border fencing a needed necessity or a wanted necessity essay

Is a border fence between Mexico and the U.S. necessary? |

Reece Jones November 8, We live a world of borders and walls. In addition to the massive and expensive barrier on long stretches of the U. These walls are built by both totalitarian regimes and democracies, including India, Thailand, Israel, South Africa, and the European Union.

Invariably, the barriers are justified in the language of security—the country must be protected from the terrorists, drug cartels, insurgents, or suicide bombers lurking on the other side. Despite the external focus of these justifications, in most instances these walls and fences are actually the result of the internal politics of the state that builds them.

There are three specific reasons for constructing a border wall: The decision to build the mile barrier along the U. Although we often imagine the territorial outline of countries as sharply drawn lines where the control of one state ends and another begins, most borders on the ground belie this simplicity.

The idea that borders or rivers or coastlines are lines is a convenience of cartography that is established on the ground many years after a map is drawn, if at all.

The oldest political borders in Europe, for example, are only a few hundred years old, and most were established more recently than that. Consequently, even the simple idea that states have clearly defined territories that are marked by a linear border is a very recent development.

The last sections of the border were finalized with the Gadsden Purchase inwhich secured mining rights and a better route for a railroad connection to California. At the time, the territory was part of the United States in name only and, despite the enormous land area, was populated by aboutMexicans andNative Americans.

Land surveying, creating property maps, and the deployment of police forces resignified the landscape. This process accelerated in the s as funding for border security increased substantially and the idea of marking the imagined line with a physical barrier took hold.

When the Border Patrol was established init was tiny and remained underfunded for decades. Inthere were 3, agents at the U. The additional agents play a practical enforcement role while the fence project, which passed Congress inis much more symbolically significant.

Walls and fences are the most efficient way to mark territorial differences on the ground because they take the abstract idea of a territory and materialize it.

The construction of the barrier is another step in the process of reimaging these formerly Native American and Mexican lands as firmly part of the territory of the United States. By physically inscribing the line in the landscape, the wall brings the border into being and visually demonstrates where U.

The second internal factor that results in the construction of a wall or fence on a border is the presence of a poorer country on the other side. In previous eras, political borders served primarily as either military defensive lines where one army prevented the movement of another or as markers of different government regimes where one set of laws and taxes or one cultural system stopped and another began.

Over the 20th century, the practice of absolute sovereignty over a bounded territory produced substantial wealth inequalities globally, which increased the desire of many people to move either to avoid deteriorating conditions in their home state or to seek better economic opportunities elsewhere.

Just as we often imagine most borders as the sharp lines depicted on maps, we also imagine that historically most borders were fenced and fortified, but this is not the case.

The older purposes of borders as defensive military lines or administrative divisions do not necessitate a wall or fence. Fences do not deter tanks and airplanes, and administrative divisions between peaceful neighbors do not require an expensive barrier.

Border fencing a needed necessity or a wanted necessity essay

The changing purpose for borders is evident in the sheer number of new barriers built in the past 20 years. Twenty-seven have been built sincecompared with 11 during the entire Cold War period from until Furthermore, several of those Cold War barriers were quite short including the U. Not only are the new barriers longer than in the past, but many are built along peaceful borders.

The significant characteristic that most of these borders share is that they mark a sharp wealth discontinuity. The final internal factor that plays a role in the decision to build a fence or wall on a political border is the fear that population movements will irreversibly change the way of life inside the state.Border Patrol Essay.

Gun Control And Border Security Brian Wagner Eng Essay #1- The Border Fence 9/16/13 In the essay “The Fence of Lies” the author Mario Vargas Llosa’s thesis is that the border fence between Mexico and the United States is a bad idea and a waste of taxpayer’s money The Importance Of A Border Region.

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4. Weighing the Pros and Cons of U.S.-Mexico Border Barrier Immigration Issue Affects Economy, Human Lives and Message to the World. Share Flipboard Email Trump referred to the $ billion as “an initial down payment” on the estimated nearly $10 billion needed to fence the entire border.

The funds will pay for construction of about Fencing is just one part of the effort by U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) to secure the country's borders.

The number of Border Patrol officers has doubled in recent years. Take a look at the 14 mile double layer border fence in San Diego, since its inception in to present it has led to a 97 percent decrease in arrests and a corresponding decrease in border crime.

US Fence in the Border of Mexico | Essay Example

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Is a border fence between Mexico and the U.S. necessary? |