A story about a telephone call which change your life

Telephone Timeline Alexander Graham Bell's invention of the telephone in rang in the era of talking at a distance. Innovators in the 20th century expanded the telephone's reach across continents and oceans, figuratively shrinking the world and connecting its citizens.

A story about a telephone call which change your life

Etymology[ edit ] As the game is popular among children worldwide, it is also known under various other names depending on locality, such as Russian scandal, [3] whisper down the lane, broken telephone, operator, grapevine, gossip, don't drink the milk, secret message, the messenger game, and pass the message among others.

In the United States, the game is known under the name telephone — which in this use is never shortened to the colloquial and more common word phone. Historians trace Westerners' use of the word Chinese to denote "confusion" and "incomprehensibility" to the earliest contacts between Europeans and Chinese people in the 17th century, and attribute it to Europeans' inability to understand China's culture and worldview.

The game has no winner: Intermediate messages may also be compared; some messages will become unrecognizable after only a few steps.

As well as providing amusement, the game can have educational value. It shows how easily information can become corrupted by indirect communication.

The game has been used in schools to simulate the spread of gossip and its supposed harmful effects. It can also be used for older or adult learners of a foreign language, where the challenge of speaking comprehensibly, and understanding, is more difficult because of the low volume, and hence a greater mastery of the fine points of pronunciation is required.

In this version of the game, when players transfer the message, they deliberately change one or two words of the phrase often to something more humorous than the previous message. Intermediate messages can be compared. What an individual player changes in the message often says something about the player.

The pen-and-paper game Telephone Pictionary also known as Eat Poop You Cat is played by alternately writing and illustrating captions, the paper being folded so that each player can only see the previous participant's contribution.

The game has also been implemented online at Broken Picture TelephoneDrawception and other sites. A translation relay is a variant in which the first player produces a text in a given languagetogether with a basic guide to understanding, which includes a lexicon, an interlinear glosspossibly a list of grammatical morphemescomments on the meaning of difficult words, etc.

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Each player only knows the translation done by his immediate predecessor, but customarily the relay master or mistress collects all of them. The relay ends when the last player returns the translation to the beginning player.

A story about a telephone call which change your life

The game has been played in the conlang community.Memories – such as what your telephone number is, how to drive a car without having to consciously think about it, what you need to get from the shop on the way home etc. If you want to affect change in your life at a core level then you will have to work on your programs that are .

Alexander Graham Bell was a Scottish-born American inventor and scientist. Bell was born on March 3, , in Edinburgh, benjaminpohle.com Bell and his family emigrated to Canada.A year later Bell moved to the United States, where he taught speech to deaf students.

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A story about a telephone call which change your life

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